Allow me to introduce myself…

I am a girl on a quest. My name is Carissa and I’ve been on the same fitness adventure for over a decade, but never venturing too far from where I started. After years of unsuccessful weight-loss attempts I’m here to document & share what I believe to be the last attempt at developing a lifestyle of health & fitness.

They say it takes about 21 days to create a habit. Well, even after developing a habit it’s possible to undo one just the same. I’ve yo-yoed on and off of various diets and programs. I’ve tried juice cleanses, Ketogenic dieting, raw Veganism, you name it. I’ve tried just about every workout program under the sun, made it almost entirely through most. But why do I keep ending up back where I start?

I’m sure there are plenty of explanations¬†to describe this limbo in which I find myself. Trying to make a permanent lifestyle change is not as easy as some make it look. I’m going to analyze and then over analyze everything that I’m doing from here on out. I’ll be keeping track of just about everything, maybe not in crazy detail (overwhelming documentation can be a factor in burnout with many diet and exercise programs) but enough to share my entire process. It’s a journey – one where I anticipate learning a lot about what works for me, what may work for others, and how to turn this into everyday life.



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